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Alive@25 -Four (4) hours of in-classroom instruction.
-Ideal for young drivers looking to reduce insurance costs.
-Video sessions and class discussion.
-Why drivers ages 15 to 24 often underestimate risks.
-The effects of inexperience, peer pressure and distractions such as cell phones, text messages, MP3 players has GPS units. 
-Communication skills for assertiveness and being a young leader. 
-Responsibility of passengers. 
-Fun and interactive.
-State and local driving laws.
-Certificate of completion.
-Custom time available with 3+students.
Remedial Course -Four (4) hours of in-classroom instruction.
-Ideal for young drivers with traffic violations and license suspensions.
-Licensed and professional instructions.
-Certificate of Completion.
-Custom time available with 3+students.

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