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Dear student please complete steps 1 through 3 to signup for a classroom and have your seat reserved. Our web site is updated Real-Time so to assure accuracy of the information. Please make sure to include your email address because your enrollment confirmation will be sent there.
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a.Adult Two Hour Lesson plus Road Test -One-2 hour behind the wheel lesson.
-Road test preparation. 
-Use our vehicle for the state Road Test. 
-Home pick up/drop off. 
* Additional charges apply if outside of the radius
b.Adult One hour Lesson plus Road Test
-One-1hour behind the wheel lesson.
-Ideal for students that already know how to drive.
-Road test preparation.
-Use our vehicle for the state Road Test.
-Home pick up/drop off.
* Additional charges apply if outside of the radius 
c. Adult BTW 2hr Lesson
-One-2hour behind the wheel lesson.
-Professional Instruction
-Ideal for those with no previous experience.
-Home pick up/drop off.
* Additional charges apply if outside of the radius
c.Adult BTW Road Test -Road Test exam preparation with one of our licensed professional instructors.
-Use our vehicle for state road test, including home pick and drop off (free if within school radius, if not additional charges apply).*
*Only available when purchased  with 1-hour or 2-hour lesson.

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