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Dear student please complete steps 1 through 3 to signup for a classroom and have your seat reserved. Our web site is updated Real-Time so to assure accuracy of the information. Please make sure to include your email address because your enrollment confirmation will be sent there.
Package NamePackage DescriptionPriceSelect
a) Teen Wheels and Deals - Starting July 2016



Starting at $275  LIMITED TIME OCTOBER Only

 • 7 hours In-car driving 7 hours observation of another student 
 • DE964 certificate/learners permit LICENSE REQUIRED and must have completed the Online or Parent Taught 32 hour Teen Course!
 • Age requirement-At least 15-17 years old Only!
parents must complete enrollment contract and show proof of Child's age.
and provide transportation to/from Mobile Training Base Driving School
b) Teen Basic Drivers Ed (Cash/Credit Card)

Teen Cash  or Check Only1 No partial payments

Exclusively for Military Families only!/Waiver DPS Written Test Fee($10)

32 hours classroom=16 Days 2 hour class sessions

7 hours In-car driving

7 hours observation of another student

DE964 certificate/learners permit

DADAP certificate/Insurance discounts

Age requirement-At least 15 years old

mandatory attendance for Days 1-3

DPS Written Test within 3-5 days of class-Additional Cost $10.00*

Certain qualifications listed below.

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL  ****** All Customers- must Pre Register/Sign Contract and Pre Pay Cash Price or Check $299/$1DPS Test fee in full before starting Class to receive  this Special!

********Military Families  Exclusive Price Only $299 for Teen Class (32 hrs/In Car(14 hrs)

To qualify for Waiver fee; proof of military service  is required in person by parent/guardians before this price/$10 DPS Test Fee will be honored. 
d) Teen Basic Drivers Ed (If paying by check)


TEENS SPEC.$325.00/With Minimum $200 DownCash Payment and Balance paid in Full within (8th) DAYS after srarting class! Business Contract required.

 Teens will not be allowed to attend  class if payment obligations have Not been fulfilled/paid in Full

Teen package paid by peraonal cks or cash only.

 Partial payments plan $325*SPEC

This package includes 32 classroom instruction/16 days for 2 hrs.

14 hours In Car(7 behind the wheel & 7 hrs. observation)

All students must be at least 15 years old

Class Days 1-3 Mandatory attendance

DPS Written Test-Additional cost $10.00*

Learner's permit within 3-5 days of class

DE 964 certificate/learner's permit

DADAP certificate for Insurance discounts (10-15%) varies with Insurance Companies
f) Teen Drivers Ed Classroom Teen package is limited to Classroom instruction only:

This package includes 32 classroom instruction (no behind the wheel lessons included)
DPS Written test given within 3-5 days of class-Additional cost $10.00
DE964 certificate/learner's permit
First 3 days of class-mandatory attendance
DADAP certificate/Insurance discounts
g) Teen Drivers Ed 14 Hours In-Car Only Teen Drivers Ed 14 Hours In-Car Only Package Includes:

14 hours In Car (7 behind the wheel & 7 hrs. observation) 

All students must be at least 15 years old; parents must pickup/drop off. Not responsible for anyone waiting for than 15 minutes after driving lesson or class time! Penalties/fees if waiting more than 15 minutes or Emergency transport home!

Teens parents may also purchase a EXPRESS DRIVING PASS ($75); pass allows students to complete 14 hours/7 drive/7 observe lessons in Six/6 weeks or less! No Night Driving lessons!

Learner's permit required before student can do any  drive or observation sessions. Please bring license at all times. Teens not following instructions or cause near crashes maybe terminated from Driver Ed Training program & parents refunded money 30 days for any service not provided!
Additional penalties/fees may apply if students are negligent & causes a Crash!
We believe that teaching & applying  Road Safety Rules are essential to being a Good Driver!  
k) Adult 6 Hours Classroom Course

Adults (Ages 18-24) class 6 hrs:Need a license?

Class cost $85/DPS Written Test$15/Total Cost$100 Cash or Check; No Credit Cards

Six hours of instructions on Texas Road rules and Road Signs/DPS Handbook; DADAP included/court approved.

Written test included-70% passing score will exempt you from having to take the written/computer test at DPS.

Refreshments and/or lunch will be provided for 1 day class session only!

Class maybe scheduled for 2 days(Sat.& Sun)/or during the week for 3 hrs. each session with School approval.

Certificate/exam-test.(70% passing score required)
Cost $100.oo pre register in advance (Cash, credit card or check)

On site registration-Day of class/$120.00 cash only
m) Private 4 Hours (2 Lessons)
Adults or Teens

Learners permit or drivers license is required before students are allowed to do any driving sessions!


Driving package consist of 4 hours total drive time.


ADULTS will have  (4) 1 SOLO hour drive times--- learning  or enhancing driving skills such as stops, turns, lane changing, blacking, and turnabouts to name a few. Additional drive sessions can be purchased in person/online, and scheduled with School Director/designated school official. No parallel parking or freeway training!

n) Private 6 Hours (3 Lessons)
Teens required to drive with another Teen & observe!
 Adults Solo Drive Times/No observing Required

Learners permit or drivers license is required prior to any/all driving sessions.

*****Customers can  purchase EXPRESS DRIVING PASS $75; pass allows Customers to complete  lessons in 4 to/6 weeks!

Everyone must provide own transportation to/from driving school! Also, rides must pick up Teens or Adults promptly, penalty for additional waiting time if more than 10 minutes! Not responsible for anyone not picked up immediately after driving lesson or Class times.!

Session 3- This is a (6) hour driving package, and contains (6)hour drive sessions with a certified driving instructor. Drive times will be scheduled according to availability/!st come, 1st serve!

Parallel parking included, No Night driving. Drive lessons on Rainy Days maybe cancelled at Instructors discretion.

Drive sessions can also be done in (6) hourly drive times. ***Teens or Adults must have learners permit.Failure to follow instructions or near crashes, may result in termination of contract and reimbursements for driving services not provided. Drivers may also be liable for reckless conduct or behavior resulting in a crash!

In car training includes but is not limited to:parallel parking, backing, parking maneuvers, driving multi-lane roadways, turnabouts, and techniques for developing good driving habits.

Additional drive sessions and time can be scheduled with the School Director or other designated school official. Failure to follow instructions or near-crashes, contract maybe terminated and reimbursed for Lessons Not done with Instructor! Drivers may also be liable for reckless conduct resulting in a crash!

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