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Dear student please complete steps 1 through 3 to signup for a classroom and have your seat reserved. Our web site is updated Real-Time so to assure accuracy of the information. Please make sure to include your email address because your enrollment confirmation will be sent there.
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Pay As You Go Drivers Ed - 20% Discount
Start Driver's Ed with $120 on the first day of class, then $100 per drive for each of the 3-2 hour Behind-The-Wheel drives (total of 6 hours).  When you register for this class choose the "Pay Later" option.  

10 Hour Minimum, Unlimited Classroom Hours
6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel (Meet Our Instructor At Designated Pickup/Drop Off Location)
  • For students under 18, we request parent or legal guardian attend our Parent Meeting the first hour of the first day of class (unless otherwise noted).
  • $10 Cash for Pizza (bottled water and soda is provided) Or bring your own lunch (if you bring your lunch soda is available for .50 cents per can and water is free)


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