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Queens - Fast Road Test Appointment

Expedited Appointment Only Service (1-4 Weeks):

 This service is to schedule an earlier road test with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle (1-4 Weeks). 

There are no black out dates and this is a one time service.

This service is only recommended for existing drivers ready for the road test. This service is not recommended for people who need to practice before their road test.

Queens - Fast Road Test Car Package

Expedited Appointment and Car Service (1-4 Weeks):

 This service is to schedule an earlier road test with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle (1-4 Weeks). No blackout dates and is a one time service to book the appointment. 

The use of our car for your road test is included in this package.

Please be advised, you are not able to select a date, time or location for this service. 
In order to be eligible to book a rapid road test you must:
-Have a NYS photo ID Learner's Permit (a temp Learner's permit will not be accepted on the day of the exam)
-If you are under the age of 18, you must have your permit for at least 6 months.
-A flexible/open schedule considering, you cannot select the date or time of the appointment.
- Prior to your road test you must have completed a 5 hour pre-license course where you received an MV278

Queens - Regular Road Test Car Package

Regular Road Test Appointment and Car Service (6-8 Weeks)

This service includes booking the appointment and using our car for the road test. One appointment for a NYS Road Test in Queens, including the vehicle and Instructor on the day of the test. (6-8 weeks away)

Queens - Road Test Appointment Fee

Regular Road Test Appointment (6-8 Weeks away)

This fee is to schedule your road test with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle (6-8 weeks from booking date).


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