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The Classroom experience is a critical component of new driver education. It establishes the techniques, habits and defensive attitude necessary for safety on today’s roads. All classrooms are held on a Saturday or Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m dependent upon the need for a practice exam for those students who do not have a permit,, at our Tempe facility.

Main Office: 2245 W. University Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281  View Map

Class Start DateClass End DateDetailsClass Notes
Jul/06/2019 Jul/06/2019 View CR#: 07-06-2019
Jul/10/2019 Jul/10/2019 View CR#: 07-10-2019
Jul/13/2019 Jul/13/2019 View CR#: 07-13-2019
Jul/14/2019 Jul/14/2019 View CR#: 07-14-2019
Jul/20/2019 Jul/20/2019 View CR#: 07-20-2019
Jul/27/2019 Jul/27/2019 View CR#: 07-27-2019
Aug/03/2019 Aug/03/2019 View CR#: 08-03-2019
Aug/10/2019 Aug/10/2019 View CR#: 08-10-2019
Aug/11/2019 Aug/11/2019 View CR#: 08-11-2019
Aug/17/2019 Aug/17/2019 View CR#: 08-17-2019
Aug/24/2019 Aug/24/2019 View CR#: 08-24-2019
Aug/31/2019 Aug/31/2019 View CR#: 08-31-2019

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