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Driving Videos for Parents Driving Videos for Parents

This is a 12-video series for parents, this video is designed to help you make the time you spend driving with your child as productive as possible. This video is the result of our school partnering with other experts to offer you the best possible information.

Even though you’ve probably been driving for years, when you’re sitting in a car and try to explain to your child a driving maneuver it can be a very daunting task! That’s a major reason why we’ve made this video series available to you. We encourage you to watch this video with your child, and more than once! We believe it is valuable if you can incorporate some of the video’s verbiage into the training you give your child. Our instructors will often use these terms, and this continuity will help your child learn.

We think every parent, and child, will benefit from watching this video, and we strongly encourage you to bring this information into the car every time your child gets behind the wheel.

Each video is short, and to the point, allowing you to get valuable information, and then use it when you're training your child. 


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