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Please complete steps 1 through 5 to sign-up for the desired package. When you input your personal information, you will have the option to Pay Now or Pay Later. If you choose to pay later, please be sure to submit a minimum deposit of $100 within 5 business days to reserve your seat. Be sure to include your primary email address as that is the most used method for contact and information. Please only register one time. If a mistake was made you can email me at adam@enhanceddrivinginstitute.com and I can update your student account. Payments can be made through our Payment Link on our website as well as via mail or drop-box. Thank you for choosing EDI!

Package NamePackage DescriptionPriceSelect
1 - Complete Package (normal price $375).  This package includes the state required 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6-hours of BTW and 6-hours of observation.  This also includes a 2 hour parent session (lesson 15) that builds the partnership between EDI and parents that positively impacts your teens risk as a driver.  This is everything your teen needs to get their permit and driver's license.   Nobody can provide your teen with what EDI can provide them.  You've made the right choice! $375.00
1 hour Driving/Observation 1 hour of driving and 1 hour of observation $40.00
2 - Complete Package With 9

This package is an upgrade to the Complete Package and provides an additional 3 hours of behind the wheel training.  This also eliminates the need for observation time.   This will give your teen more time in the driver's seat with a professional driving instructors.

2 Hour Driving/Observation 2 Hour Driving/Observation $80.00
3 - Ultimate Package With 12 This package is an upgrade to the Complete Package and provides an additional 6 hours of behind the wheel training (12 total hours behind the wheel with a professional driving instructor).   The benefit of this package is all driving hours are 1-on-1 with the instructor (no other students in the car).  Often times we have students who are more nervous or easily distracted when there are other students in the car.  This package eliminates that concern for students and parents.  Get the most out of their training!  $575.00
3 Hour Driving/Observation 3  Hour Driving/Observation $120.00
4 Hour Driving/Observation 4 Hour Driving/Observation $160.00
5 Hour Driving / Observation 5  Hour Driving / Observation $200.00
5 hour driving/observation 5 hour driving/observation $200.00
on-line complete package A total of 30 hours of online classroom and 6 hours BTW
You can start your classroom at any time
You can go at your own pace
Maximum of two hours per day
You must finish your classroom within three months
Be sure to read the "Rules & Regulations" file that we email to you when you register
Xtra - Road Test Lease Car You have trained in our cars, why not take your road test in our car?  This package provides you with home pick up and drop off, approximately 1 hour of review prior to the exam and use of our car during the road test. Take your test with confidence! $100.00
Xtra - Road Test Prep This is a 45 minute driving test where students are given a in-depth road test. All aspects of the road test (and more) are covered and students are scored accordingly. We also spend time practicing areas that are in need of improvement.  Assessment form is filled out and includes areas to work on, concerns and current road skills.  This is a great way for  teens to feel more confident while helping parents to know if there teen is truly ready for solo driving.    $50.00
Xtra - Six Hours Behind-the-Wheel This 6 hour package is for teens who took classroom only, have completed their classroom training at another school, or for teens or adults who would like additional training. Our BTW program is unlike any other available as our lesson cater to your needs and abilities. Home/School/Work pick and drop off available. $240.00

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