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Dear student please complete steps 1 through 3 to signup for a classroom and have your seat reserved. Our web site is updated Real-Time so to assure accuracy of the information. Please make sure to include your email address because your enrollment confirmation will be sent there.
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Adult Full Course

Please call D&D Driving School before purchasing the package online to see where we are currently scheduling at in your area.

Full 32 hour adult course, including 24 hours classroom and 8 hours behind the wheel. Classes are 2 hours each and are numbered 1-12. The student can take classes in any order, and take up to 2 classes a day. Behind the wheel lessons are also 2 hours each, and are scheduled anytime after the student has their temporary permit.


Driver Assessment The driver assessment is a comprehensive drive focusing on driving skills and how distractions affect the driver. The driving assessment can be used as a screening tool for professional drivers or for a driver thats had problems and wants a true assessment of their driving skills. $250.00

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