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Welcome to ARS Driving School
Dear student, please complete steps 1 through 3 in order to register with our school for a driving lesson or drive test slot. If you were planning on paying by credit card, once you have registered, please go back to our website, and click on the BUY NOW link to the appropriate package you chose. In the notes section of the PayPal payment please reference the students first and last name.
Package NamePackage DescriptionPriceSelect
Package A (1) 2 hour lesson $155.00
Package B DMV Drive Test Only $175.00
Package C (3) 2 hour lessons $360.00
Package D (3) 2 hour lessons plus DMV Drive Test $500.00

Student Information
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I have read and agree to ARS Driving School's Terms and Conditions.

Once you have registered, staff will contact you by phone and/or email to confirm your information and to schedule you into a driving slot.

Please note packages B, C and D must be paid in full by the start of the first lesson as soon as the instructor arrives. You can pay before the lesson by credit card by going to our website, and clicking on Buy Now under the appropriate package and follow instructions. Credit card payments must be paid 48 hours in advance of the lesson. At the first lesson, Instructors will only collect cash if the package is not paid in full at the first lesson, an hourly rate of $100 will apply and cash payment due for that lesson will be collected immediately.
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